Custom valves for high temperature and high pressure applications

Red Point severe service valves for high temperature or high pressure applications require special design features and engineering knowledge. Together with our customers and experienced engineers we develop custom made valves for the harshest applications. Design temperatures upto 450C are not the limit for Red Point as we have a proven track record of supplied valves with a design temperature up to 816 C. Valves can by designed up to a pressure range of 4.500 lbs, 10.000 psi or 400 PN.


  • Temperature range up to 816 C / 1.500 F
  • Pressure range up to 4.500 lbs - 10,000psi
  • Valves according to API 6A

Valve types for API6A valve applications


Red Point has approvals and references with major end users and EPC companies.
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We design, engineer and produce your tailor-made valves