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High Pressure API6D Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Technology

This API6D 3” ball valve for high pressure 248 bar and -101ºC service is supplied to Sakhalin Energy. Due to the high pressure a floating ball valve is not an option and therefor Sakhalin Energy has chosen Red Point Trunnion Mounted ball valve technology. A non-commodity valve equipped with lip seals on seat retainers and an extended bolted bonnet with minimum vapor space. The length of the extension shall be sufficient to maintain the stem TA-luft low-emission packing at a temperature high enough to permit operation. This valve is capable of operation with the valve stem within 45° from the vertical. For this tight shut-off gas service we have used our tension resilient seats to ensure reliable sealing, low torque and longer cycle life time with positive bi-directional shut-off.

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API6D trunnion mounted ball valve high pressure lip seals