Custom valves for Oil & Gas Valve Applications

The demands in the Oil & Gas industry for timely and cost efficient management of existing and new projects is high. Hostile climate and regulatory compliance are other important factors in the market.
At Red Point we know that high quality valves are important to achieve these goals.
On oil rigs and FSPO’s Red Point valves have been installed on topside and water treatment installations. In the oilsands in Canada Duplex and High Alloy valves are installed in severe climate conditions.
Valves supplied to this market are produced in carbon steel, 316, Duplex, Super Duplex and 254 SMO. See our materials page for a complete overview.

Oil & Gas Applications

  • Offshore production
  • Oil & Gas Platform
  • Topside valve
  • FPSO & FSO
  • Rigs
  • Onshore production
  • Oil sands / bituminous sands
  • Gas processing

Valve types for Oil & Gas valve applications


Red Point has approvals and references with major end users and EPC companies.
Contact Red Point if you require more information.

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We design, engineer and produce your tailor-made valves