Large variety materials

The valve body material can be offered in special materials and standard materials. Next to stainless and carbon steel, we manufacture valves in special materials such as titanium, nickel alloys, HASTELLOY®*, INCOLOY®, MONEL®, Alloy 20, super-duplex, corrosion resistant alloys and urea grade materials.

Available materials

TradenameUNS nr.Werkstoff nr.ForgingCasting
Carbon steelK305041.0402A105A216 WCB
Carbon steel1.0460A105N
Low Temp Carbon steelK030111.0508A350 LF2A352 LCB
High Yield steelK03014A694 F60
3 1/2 Nickel steelK320251.5639A350 LF3A352 LC3
5 Chrome, 1/2 MolyK415451.7362A182 F5A217 C5
1 1/4 Chrome, 1/2 MolyK115721.7733A182 F11A217 WC6
2 1/4 Chrome, 1/2 MolyK215901.7380A182 F22A217 WC9
9 Chrome, 1 MolyK909411.7386A182 F9A217 CW6
X 12 Chrome, 091 MolyK915601.4903A182 F91A217 C12
13 ChromeS41000A182 F6AA351 CA15
17-4PHS174001.4542A564 630
254 SMoS312541.4547A182 F44A351 CK3MCuN
304S304001.4301A182 F304A351 CF8
304LS304031.4306A182 F304LA351 CF3
310SS310081.4845A182 F310SA351 CK20
316S316001.4401A182 F316A351 CF8M
316LS316031.4404A182 F316LA351 CF3M
316TiS316351.4571A182 F316Ti
317LS317031.4438A182 F317LA351CG8M
321S321001.4541A182 F321
321HS321091.4878A182 F321H
347S347001.4550A182 F347A351 CF8C
347HS347091.4961A182 F347H
410S410001.4006A182 F410
904LN089041.4539A182 F904L
Carpenter 20N080202.4660B462 N08020A351 CN7M
Duplex 4462S318031.4462A182 F51A890 Gr 4A
SAF 2507S327501.4469A182 F53A890 Gr 6A
Zeron 100S327601.4501A182 F55A351 GR CD3MWCuN
Ferralium® 255S325501.4507A182 F61
Nicrofer 5923 hMoN060592.4605B462 N06059
Nickel 200N022002.4066B564 N02200
Nickel 201N022012.4068B564 N02201
Monel® 400N044002.4360B564 N04400A494 M35-1
Monel® K500N055002.4375B865 N05500
Incoloy® 800N088001.4876B564 N08800
Incoloy® 800HN088101.4958B564 N08810
Incoloy® 800HTN088111.4959B564 N08811
Incoloy® 825N088252.4858B564 N08825
Inconel® 600N066002.4816B564 N06600A494 CY40
Inconel® 625N066252.4856B564 N06625A494 CW 6MC
Hastelloy® B2N106652.4617B564 N10665A494 N 12MV
Hastelloy® B3N106752.4600B564 N10675
Hastelloy® C22N060222.4602B574 N06022A494 CX2MW
Hastelloy® C276N102762.4819B564 N10276
Hastelloy® C4N064552.4610B574 N06455
Titanium GR. 1R502503.7025B381 F1B367 C1
Titanium GR. 2R504003.7035B381 F2B367 C2
Titanium GR. 3R505503.7055B381 F3B367 C3
Titanium GR. 5R564003.7165B381 F5B367 C5
Titanium GR. 7R524003.7235B381 F7B367 C7
Titanium GR. 12R534003.7225B381 F12B367 C12
Zirconium® 702R60702B493 R60702
Zirconium® 705R60705B493 R60705

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