Standard Bonnet Design Globe Valve Design Standards

Type of disc Plug, needle, swivel, regulating disc
Construction Bolted, welded, extended
Pattern Straight
End connections Flanged, BW, SW, THR, HUB
Options Extended bonnet, bellow sealed, Heating Jacket, Screw-down/non-return
Seating options Soft or metal seated, renewable, HF
Operated Handwheel, actuator operated, bare stem
Bellow seal materials 304 - 321 - 316Ti - Alloy 625 - C276
Design & testing All available international standards according to API - EN - ISO
Fire safe design

Size and pressure ranges

  • Size and bore:
    - ANSI 1/4” - 16”
    - DN 6 - DN 400
  • Pressure range:
    - ANSI 125 lbs - 4500 lbs
    - DIN PN 10 - PN 400
  • Temperature range:
    - minus 196 ºC up to 816 ºC
    - minus 320 °F up to 1,500 °F

Stem Construction and Hard Facing Disc

Stem Construction

The standard stem construction deployed by Red Point is a “Non-rotating, rising stem” construction.

This feature has several benefits. For instance a shorter, lineair passage of the stem through the stempacking wich leads to a singificantly lower friction of the stem. This results in a lower operating torque. Less wear of the packing means less or no fugitive emission. All Red Point Globe valve designs have FE-class A.

A non rotating stem gives us the opportunity to use an integral stem/disc design. This also results in less wear and tear to the disc and seat.

Globe valves are linear motion closing-down valves. They are primarily designed to regulate flow in the partially open position. When considering globe valves for on-off isolation service, design selection should receive careful consideration because maintaining a tight seal against the strong force pushing up on the disc is difficult.


Hard Facing Disc

To prevent wear and tear due to the abrasive media, Red Point uses several surface treatment techniques to increase the service lifetime of valves and their components.
Depending on the material in question, a few techniques we can use are overlay welding, HVOF, Kolsterizing, anodizing or just plain heat treatment.
These treatments, in combination with a keen design, entered to your specific process conditions, will result in a high quality valve, which will perform for many years.

Disc and seats are ground and lapped to a mirror finish and tightly guided to prevent dragging and seat damage.
Body and bonnet joint accurately machined with high surface finish stem and packing chamber.
Low emission valve technology with a design optimized for extended service life.
Low compression packing reduces friction and allows more room to re-torque in the field.
Packing ring construction for excellent sealing and a corrosion inhibitor.

Applications for Standard Bonnet Design Globe Valves

Red Point’s Standard globe valves design can be deployed for a wide variety of applications in the oil & gas and (petro)chemical industries when high quality and highly reliable valves are required. A few example applications include:

• High-temperature services
• High-cycle and switching services
• Emergency shutdown valves (ESDV)
• High-integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS)
• High-pressure oxygen, nitrogen or hydrogen
• Solids handling (powders, fines, dust and catalysts)
• Polyethylene or polypropylene
• Coal conversion and gasification
• Thermal fluids
• Separator, filter and drying systems
• Compressor stations
• On/off isolation service
• Oil and gas manifolds

Body Material

Commonly used body materials




– Nickel Alloys (Monel®, Inconel®, Hastelloy®, Incoloy®)
– Duplex and Super Duplex
– Carbon steel and low temp carbon steel
– Low alloy steel
– Stainles steel
– Titanium
– Zirconium

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