We innovate to reduce downtime caused by corrosion

Ivo Los (Account Manager and Fertilizer Valve Specialist) and Fred Jansen (Sales Director) at Red Point Alloys BV explain the importance of valve innovation in the fertilizer industry to reduce downtime caused by corrosion.

Facing increasingly strict requirements and building new installations that need to comply with a growing number of specifications, the fertilizer industry can benefit from the innovation of valves. New technologies can help reduce erosion, corrosion and crystallisation in installations, and reduce emissions and risks at fertilizer plants. Safety and the environment are top priorities for fertilizer manufacturers. Emission requirements in densely populated areas become stricter every year and accidents and leaks have to be prevented at all times. Although innovation in this area is not always a priority in this traditional sector, it is crucial that safe and reliable valves are given the attention they need, especially in a sector that is constantly under scrutiny in the climate debate, and where incidents can have disastrous consequences, and plant shutdowns can cost millions.

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